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Disorder / 混乱 shortlist

  • Howling-For-Beuys

    Ilit Azoulay

    Series: Imaginary Order

  • Still life with mask #140209

    Valérie Belin

    Series: Still Life

  • Bees of Bees (DETAIL)

    Matthew Brandt

    United States
    Series: Honeybees

  • Riot police began to storm Maidan after clashes on Shelkovichna street.

    Maxim Dondyuk

    Series: Culture of the Confrontation

  • Somali refugees departing Shimbiro Beach to board smugglers’ boats to Yemen

    Alixandra Fazzina

    United Kingdom
    Series: A Million Shillings – Escape from Somalia

  • Time After Time: Blow Up No. 2

    Ori Gersht

    Series: Blow Up

  • Kalorama

    John Gossage

    United States
    Series: Should Nature Change

  • Untitled, Agbogbloshie Market, Agbogbloshie Market

    Pieter Hugo

    South Africa
    Series: Permanent Error

  • Christa and Salomon Raymond Fils

    Gideon Mendel

    South Africa
    Series: Drowning World

  • Eleven Blowups #1

    Sophie Ristelhueber

    Series: Eleven Blowups

  • Conservation Rangers work with locals to evacuate the bodies of four Mountain Gorrillas killed in Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo.

    Brent Stirton

    South Africa
    Series: A Violation of Eden

  • From the New World (detail)

    Yang Yongliang

    Series: Artificial Wonderland