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Blanca Bernheimer

Director, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography

In 2003, the old-established firm of Galerie Bernheimer Fine Old Masters, a specialist in European old master paintings extended its operations to photography. Run since 2005 by Blanca Bernheimer, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography has meantime become a separate department of the gallery in Munich. It has established a solid reputation with a series of exhibitions of outstanding photographers, featuring such 20th century classics as Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Blanca Bernheimer has been familiar with the art trade since childhood – her father is the fourth generation in the business. However, Konrad O. Bernheimer’s second youngest daughter initially appeared to be putting all that behind her when she decided to study Literature and Philosophy at King’s College, London. She gained her B.A. in 2004, and subsequently went into publishing.

Now 30, she discovered her interest in photography. In 2003, she collaborated in the thematic exhibition Augenblick und Ewigkeit – for Bernheimer a very successful introduction to the subject of photography. Blanca Bernheimer made her debut as head of Bernheimer Fine Art Photography in 2005.

Since 2005, there has been an ongoing programme of thematic exhibitions, presenting photography in dialogue with selected old masters and therewith throwing light on the medium from a different angle. This unique concept has been continued with other shows.

By presenting photography and Old Master paintings together, Bernheimer wants to open new perspectives on both art forms: while photography re-introduces the Old Masters especially to a younger audience, the paintings provide a context for photography as an established art form.

Blanca Bernheimer