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Enrico Bossan

Editorial Director, COLORS Magazine

Enrico Bossan joined Fabrica in 2005 becoming the head of photography department. In April 2007 he became the editor of COLORS magazine.

His photos have appeared regularly in international magazines since 1985 and have been displayed at the Houston PhotoFest, the International Photography Biennale in Turin and in Amsterdam, Arles, Milan, Rome, Salonica, Tokyo and Venice.

He won the Kodak award for professional photography in 1987. His earlier publications include Pechino-Parigi (1986), A journey from Asia to Europe and Exit (1992), A tale of America “from two angles”, produced in collaboration with photographer Roberto Koch. In 2000 his books focused on healthcare and hospital life: Esodo, views of daily life in a shelter for AIDS victims and Un Privilegio Difficile, a black-and-white photo report for Cuamm Doctors With Africa on socio-medical cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He has been represented by the Contrasto photo agency since 1992.

Enrico Bossan