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Eva Fisli

Curator, Hungarian National Museum

Fisli is a former student of the Eötvös Collegium, where she graduated in History and Literature from Eötvös University, Budapest. In 2012 she obtained a PhD in political sciences from Sciences Po Paris and ELTE Budapest. Between 2005 and 2009 she was a registrar and an exhibition coordinator at the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest.

From Fall 2009 she has been working in the Historical Photo Department of the Museum, as a responsible for the international photocollection.

Recent publications:

Robert Capa levele André Kertészhez 1938-ban /Letter by Robert Capa to André Kertész in 1938/  In Fotóművészet 2012/4. pp.80-81.

Layers of Time. Foreword to the Photos of Martti Kapanen. In Kimmo Lehtonen—Andrzej Florkowski (eds) Families of Food, Jyväskylä-Poznan, 2010.

Imagines Memoriae In Beatrix Cs. Lengyel—Eva Fisli (eds) Tablecloth. From Family

Photos to the Views of Family, Budapest, 2010

Curatorial works:

La Chine d’hier par /China, yesterday by/ Ergy Landau. Hungarian Institute, Paris. April-June 2013

Robert Capa / In Motion; Municipal Museum of Art, Györ, Hungary, October 2011-January 2012

Views of Kertész. André Kertész and Hungary, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 30 September—31 December 2011 (co-curator with Emöke Tomsics)

Metropolian Icons. Paris and New York without Kertész, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 24 June-26 June 2011 (co-curator with Emöke Tomsics)

Robert Capa:H/arcok at the Szombathely Art Gallery, Szombathely, 27 January – 5 March 2011


André Kertész Retrospective, exhibition organized by the Jeu de Paume, Paris in collaboration with the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 29 September – 31 December 2011

Coordination of SETSE-project in Hungary (Seeing European Culture Through a Stranger’s Eye), a collaboration of 8 countries with the exchange of 8 photographers in 2009-2010


Hidden Routes (Budapest by “blind people”). Project for the Subjective Budapest Maps exhibition in Galeria Centralis, OSA Archives, Budapest, 20 October—2 December 2010 (with Júlia Róbert and Piroska Varga)

“Pavés”. Violent and Symbolic Occupations of Space in 1968, exhibition at the former Akku Cultural Center, Budapest, 5 February–5 March 2009

Eva Fisli