The global award in photography and sustainability

Diana Korchien

Picture Editor, Flipside Vision

Los Angeles-born Diana Korchien is a life-long visual media professional, sourcing images for a wide variety of clients including Times Newspapers, The Design Council, Dorling Kindersley and Thames & Hudson. She has extensive experience working with photographers, illustrators, artists, museums, private and public archives and picture agencies.

A board member of the Picture Research Association and editor of its magazine Montage since 2003, Diana is a self-confessed ‘eco picture addict’ and ‘eco propagandist’. In 2006, after a few years’ involvement with visual communications at Friends of the Earth, and in response to the growing crisis in world sustainability, she founded the niche publishing company Flipside Vision. The company’s business was, quite simply, to promote the planet in words and pictures, through publications such as Postcards from the Planet and The Calendar of Climate Change (2007, 2008, 2009). Popular with HRH The Prince of Wales, the calendar was selected as an educational resource on his website The Prince’s Rainforests Project.

A specialist environmental picture researcher, Diana Korchien currently works as London-based picture editor and strategy adviser to Majority World photo agency.

Diana recognises only too clearly that, for the 21st century and beyond, the effective visual communication of environmental issues is a matter of prime concern and increasing urgency. With the viability of long-established planetary ecosystems facing a real tipping point, it is nothing less than the moral responsibility of those in the media industries to make the effects of our human impact on the biosphere visible and real to the rest of the world’s population. Over 50% of the world’s 7 billion humans are now living in an urban ‘bubble’ – it is a major challenge to bring these issues to their urgent attention. Behaviour change at a global level is what is needed, if we are to continue our earthly holiday.

Diana Korchien