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Antonin Kratochvil

Photographer and Founder, VII Photo Agency

Antonin Kratochvil is one of the founders of the VII photo agency. As a photojournalist, Kratochvil has sunk his teeth into his fair share of upheaval and human catastrophes whilst going about his documentation of the time in which he lives. Kratochvil’s unique style of photography is the product of personal experience, intimate conditioning and not privileged voyeurism. What sets him apart is his consistency and struggle to carry on.

Kratchovil’s determination has been recognised since 1975 with numerous awards, grants and honourable mentions. He was awarded two first place prizes at the 2002 World Press Photo Awards in the categories of general news and nature and the environment. In 2004 he received a grant from Aperture Publishing for a study on the fractious relationship between American civil liberties and the newly formed Homeland Security since the World Trade Center bombings.

Kratochvil’s fifth book Vanishing was published in 2005. Twenty years in the making, this marked another significant milestone within the craft to which he belongs.