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Patricia Mendoza

Art historian and Independent Curator

Patricia Mendoza is an art historian and independent curator based in Mexico City. She is the founder of Fotoseptiembre in Mexico (1993), as well as the founder and former director of Centro de la Imagen (1999). She has also been director of the Instituto de Artes Graficas, in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is currently the general director of JAMBAZUL, a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Fotoseptiembre.

Patricia Mendoza has been an awards juror for international photography organisations such as Hasselblad (Sweden), PhotoPress (Spain), Mother Jones and Black Crows (USA) among others. Furthermore, she has been a guest speaker and reviewer at photography festivals worldwide and she has published extensively.

Patricia Mendoza is currently the owner and director of Zul Ediciones, a specialty contract publishing company, where she produces limited-edition art and photography books for public and private art patrons.


Patricia Mendoza