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Hollman Morris


Hollman Morris has spent more than 15 years covering Colombia’s internal armed conflict, with a particular focus on human rights issues. He has done this in a variety of settings: through local and national radio, newspapers, and mainly in television as a documentary filmmaker.

Since 2002, Morris directed the television series Contravía (Countercurrent). Through dozens of 28-minute chapters, Morris has filmed some of the most important human rights cases in Colombia. His job has been considered by the academy and the experts as one of the most important video documentations of the recent history of Colombia.

The European Union, The Open Society Institute, the Canadian Government, The UK Government and the Netherlands Government have supported Contravia.

Morris has received many awards for his work to document contemporary Colombian history, and in 2007 was awarded the prestigious Human Rights Watch Defender. He was invited to become an International Fellow of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard in 2010.

Hollman Morris has been recently awarded by the city of Nuremberg in Germany.

Hollman Morris