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Heejin No

Director, Bright Treasure Art Projects

Heejin No founded Bright Treasure, an independent art advisory and project management company in 2006. With bases in Seoul and London Bright Treasure Ltd advises private and corporate collections around the world in their acquisition of Impressionist and Post-War Western Art as well as Contemporary Asian Art.

The company has also been innovative in bringing young emerging artists to the stage in creative environments to promote new trends in Europe and Asia as well as nurturing a new generation of young collectors.

Heejin No is a prolific writer, her most recent project has been Korean Art: The Power of the Now, a joint publication of Thames & Hudson and TransGlobe Publishing as a coordinator. She is also a regular writer for the Korean art magazine, Artprice and various other publications.
Born in Seoul and now mainly based in London, she has MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of London and BA in History of Art and Fine Art from Ewha Womens University, Seoul.

Heejin No