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John B. Turner

Director, PhotoForum Inc.

John B Turner is the director and Joint Managing Editor of PhotoForum Inc.

John B. Turner is a retired Senior Lecturer in Photography at the Elam School of Fine Arts, at The University of Auckland, where he has taught since 1971. His serious involvement in photography began in camera clubs in the late 1950s. He trained as a compositor in the printing trade in Wellington, and then worked in news and commercial photography, and museum photographer in the 1960s.

He has taught numerous workshops throughout New Zealand, and curated landmark exhibitions including Nineteenth Century New Zealand Photography (1970) and Baigent, Collins, Fields: Three New Zealand Photographers (1973). He was editor of PhotoForum magazine from 1974-1984, and later from 1990 to the present. He was co-author with William Main of New Zealand Photography from the 1840s to the Present (1993) and was editor of PhotoForum’s award winning photography book, Ink & Silver (1995). His book Eric Lee-Johnson: Artist with a Camera was published in 1999. Currently researching aspects of New Zealand photography, and the history of photography in China, he is also involved in documenting his local community of Te Atatu Peninsula, in Auckland.

John B. Turner