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Sofia Vollmer de Maduro

Director and Curator, Alberto Vollmer Foundation

Sofia is Director and Curator of the Alberto Vollmer Foundation research facilities that she founded in 1995. These contain three significant photographic and documentary archives, embracing key primary sources of Venezuelan 19th and 20th century art history. They include the pioneering photographic work of Alfredo Boulton, the Vollmer photo collection, and the work of leading Modernist architect Tomas Sanabria.

Working with international institutions, she has promoted and sponsored publications, exhibitions, and symposiums dedicated to diffusing the work of Venezuelan artists and enabling the interchange of expertise in the field of photography and image conservation.

Sofia serves as advisor to several private and public photographic archives in South America and France, and is a member of the Board of Directors of several international non-profit organizations. She read Economics at Cambridge University.

Sofia Vollmer de Maduro