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Duan Yuting

Director, Lianzhou Foto

Duan Yuting is dedicated to curatorship, spreading and promoting Chinese contemporary photography and management of art projects.

Yuting has been of the columnist behind the Photographer Interview and Editor of Theory Edition of People’s Photography; the Photo Editor and Photo Chief Director for New Express under Yangcheng Evening News Group.

In 2000, she compiled Chinese Story, a realistic photographic book reflecting living status of all walks of life of China in the 20th century’s; in 2001 to 2003, she took a 3-year Chinese Masters Course as a member chosen by World Press Photo; and in 2005, she was the initiator and curator of Lianzhou International Photo Festival as Project and Art Director, and has been chosen as Top Ten Character of China Photography of the Year 2005.

In November 2006 she was invited judge for FOTOBILD, Berlin, Germany.

Since April 2008, she has been a member of the jury of the 1st Salonika Photo Biennale 2008, Greece. Also, a reviewer for FOTOBILD Berlin, a reviewer for China’s Photography Awards, a judge for Southern Porket Film Festival, and a member of the jury for Photography Talent Award, France.

Duan Yuting